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Wig Wax

Wig Wax

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Elevate your wig styling game with TressTech™ Wig Wax, the essential tool for achieving flawless and dynamic wig looks. Our lightweight spray wax delivers a pliable hold and definition, empowering you to effortlessly sculpt your wig into any desired style with precision and ease. From chic and polished to daring and voluminous, our innovative product enables you to experiment with various looks and textures, allowing your creativity to shine. Transform your wig styling routine with TressTech™ Wig Wax – your trusted ally for achieving impeccable and fabulous wig styles that make a statement.

How is this different from other spray wax products?

TressTech’s™ formula is designed to grip the hair or fiber without feeling gummy or sticky.

Does TressTech™ Wig Wax hold the hair in place?

TressTech™ Wig Wax provides a light hold, but it’s more about styling, and adding texture and volume.

How often can I use the Wig Wax?

As often as you like. Freshen or change your style with a gentle mist. With TressTech™ Wig Wax there is no waxy build up. Your options are limitless.

How do I use it?

Give your wig a good shake or blow dry your wig to wake it up and add life to it. Shake Wig Wax well. Spray liberally on dry hair at the roots and throughout the wig. Use your fingers to define your style. We recommend blow drying for maximum volume results or allow to dry naturally. For a smooth hair finish, brush dry hair using a round or paddle brush.


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